Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr. Seuss Birthday Week Kindergarten Snack!

Liam had snack today in Kindergarten.  I really wanted to go all out and do something fantastic but I ran out of time....as is usual because being a mom of 7 is insanity some days AND there was a snow day AND let's face it I'm a procrastinator.  So at the last second I needed something quick and darling and Pinterest wasn't giving me anything.  So I ran to Walmart perused the aisles and got this genius idea.

I give you....Cat in The Hat String Cheese!  

For Halloween a couple of years ago I did ghost face string cheese so I knew I could do Cat in the Hat.

String Cheese, Red Marker, Black Marker.  Done.  I use sharpies  it doesn't bleed through the plastic into the cheese.    The kids think I'm the coolest and it took me all of 10 minutes!  

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bowles Life #3

Our weeks aren't really all that fascinating...still I guess sometimes we can find exciting things in even the mundane tasks right?!  Everything doesn't always have to be a party to be interesting....

Daddy - Jeremiah took Liam to the Daddy &Sons breakfast at school.  They had to dress in gear from their favorite team so Liam dressed up in his KU jersey and Hat, and daddy wore a KU hat.  They had a good time together.  On Friday Jeremiah had the day off so he took his car for an oil change and spent the day with the baby so I could run some errands and go to a homeschool Halloween party with the girls.  I really appreciate how much he helps me on his days off.  I'm sure he'd rather be relaxing! 

Mommy- I battled an icky cold most of the week which was no fun.  Ashlynne had a choir concert on the plaza and I had 3 hours to kill between dropping her off for rehearsals and the beginning of the concert. I wasn't going to drive all the way home to turn around and come right back I so went to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art.  Alone.  So much time to just be silent and think.  It was therapeutic and something I needed.  I stood in front of a Jackson Pollack painting and really felt something.  For the first time in my life it wasn't just paint thrown around all over the place.  I think I'm finally becoming an adult!!  I also saw a Picasso painting that had been painted on the exact day 74 years ago!  I don't know why but that gave me chills. 

Ashy- Ashlynne has been a busy girl between Allegro, the musical she is in, church, and cheer.  On Thursday she cheered for her last 8th grade Football game.  I'm not gonna lie I totally teared up when it was over. Sunday afternoon she had an Allegro concert at the Unity Temple on the Plaza.  What a beautiful building of worship and every choir that performed sounded like angels.  I was so proud of her. 

Bubba - Did you know we called Brinton Bubba until he was about 4?  We still refer to him as Bubba every now and then but we called him Bubba like it was his first name.  In fact his nursery leaders didn't realize his name was really Brinton....they thought he was Bubba.  I tell you this because I hate calling him Brit (his chosen nickname).  Leave that to his daddy.  He'll always be my Little Bubba.  He had a good week last week.  He went on a camp out for scouts, he's been chosen as the assistant chaplain for his group  and coordinates the spiritual thoughts and such.  He enjoys that a lot.

Lisey - Elise is getting a little taste of the busy life.  She spent most of last week at rehearsals and dress rehearsals for the musical she is in.  The musical's opening night is Halloween so she won't have the chance to dress up and trick or treat this year.  Luckily, we had the ward Trunk or Treat on Saturday, she was so happy.  Elise decided to dress up like a Dia de Los Muertos (day of the dead) Sugar Skull.  Some people made comments that it was gory or weird.  Actually, Dia de Los Muertos is not gory at all.  It's considered a day of remembrance and celebration of your loved ones.  I love that she always wants to be original. 

Nanna - This week Julianna got a lot of play time.  We had a family friends 2 daughters staying with us all week and Julianna did a lot more playing that actual school work.  Every morning she'd ask me if she could have a "light day" meaning less work the day.  I tried really hard to keep her on a schedule...aargh!  In other new she did her back handspring without a spot on the wedge mat.  She was pretty excited about it.  

Liam- Liam has mastered all of his letter names and most of his letter sounds!  He is on his way!!! He is starting to really understand the phonics of words and how they are put together.  He has been spelling friends names and trying to write words using letter sounds.  In school they have behavior levels.  Level 3 is the highest and he tries really hard to remember his Level 3 rules and manners.  There is also Level 2 and the lowest Level 1.  Everyday when I pick him up from school he gets in the van and tells me what level he achieved that day.  One day last week he was trying to have me guess.  He said, "Mommy I it level Fffff" (making the F sound). Guess, mommy Guess!  It starts with Fffff (making the  F sound again) I asked...level 4? 5? There's no such thing.  He said "no mom level Ffffff....it's spelled F-R-E, I think!"  Haha!  Level THREE!!! That was the first time I realized he was really starting to make correlation between letter sounds and words.  Now I just need to teach him the "TH" sound.  

Aidy-Bug- Aidan is a terror and he watches far too much TV.  I really need to change that.  I try to involve him in "school" by giving him puzzles, games, coloring, blocks and even having him play some iPad games but all he wants to do is terrorize everyone.  Then I get frustrated, turn the TV on for an hour of uninterrupted teaching time and it turns into 2 hours. He is destructive and distracting and I'm sure he just desperately needs more of my attention.  I need to work on that.   

Camryn- Cammy turned 14 months last Friday.  She is becoming a little difficult and demanding.  She wants to be held all the time and nurse all the time and she throws tantrums.  *sigh* Baby of the family. She's exhausting.  Camryn loves Spaghettios.  I mean she really, really loves them.  Not the fancy Gerber kind either (we've tried she just snubs her nose at them).  She loves the 59cent Aldi's brand.  I'm sure that can't be that nutritious.  She also loves oatmeal, apple sauce, pasta, rice, potatoes, carrots, juice and a bunch of other stuff I can't think of.  She mostly eats what we eat.  She doesn't drink milk though.  Can't stand it.  I need to work on that too.  

Okay gotta go.  Camryn is awake and demanding I feed her.  

This weeks insta-pics....


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pumpkin Patch : Take Two

We decided to take another trip out to Powell pumpkin patch in Louisburg to try the corn maze.  Brinton hadn't yet been to the pumpkin patch this year so we also let him pick out a pumpkin. I love that so many of the fun things to do at this pumpkin patch are free.  Free playground, free hay rides, free hay bale maze, free to walk around the pumpkin patch.  You do pay a small fee for the corn maze and per pumpkin you purchase but it's so reasonable and perfect for a big family like mine.

Playing in the sandbox at the patch....

Camryn & Brinton conquering the Hay Bale Maze

Playground Fun

Corn Maze:


Brinton's Pumpkin

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First Book Report...

The Tale of Jolly Robin 
By: Arthur Scott Bailey

The first real, big chapter book that Julianna has read in its entirety.  All 22 chapters of it.  Written in 1917 this adorable book tells the tale of a happy  little Robin bird named Jolly and his adventures from hatchling to adulthood.  Julianna LOVED this book so much and we had so many fun discussions about it.  It led to studies on birds and migration. We even spent one day learning about katydids (one of the birds eats one I think which is what led to the tangent) we found out what they sound like and we went outside to try and find one! I made her read one chapter a day, although sometimes she was anxious to move ahead.  When she completed the whole book she had to do an official book report.  She made her own booklet by  writing 6 things that happened in the book in order and then illustrated them.  It's been about a week now since she finished the book and she is still talking about it.  Jolly was like a good friend and she kinda misses him now that he is gone.  That's the way a good book should be. 

The Tale of Jolly Robin 
by Arthur Scott Bailey

Jolly was born in a nest in Pleasant Valley. 

(Left side) Jolly's father taught him to fly.
(Right side) Jolly got a job laughing for Mr. Crow.

(Left side) Jolly travels south with Jasper Jay.
(Right Side) Jolly's cousin gets lost and they never see him again.  (Side note:  Jolly Robin's cousin was a bird called a Hermit Thrush.  Julianna looked up that type of bird so she could draw it right) 

Willie Whip-poor-will keeps Jolly up all night.  

The End

Monday, October 21, 2013

Bowles Life #2

This week in the Casa de Bowles....

Daddy: Jeremiah went to work all week.  Jeremiah went to school on Wednesday night.  Jeremiah did pretty much the same stuff he does every week.  HAHA.  He is working on his Master of Science in Project Management in Engineering (or something like that) at KU, but is taking it slow with just one class a week this semester.  Monday nights he rushes home to pick up Brinton and Ashlynne, then he rushes them to cello lessons and youth choir lessons. I'm so grateful he takes over these chauffeuring duties on Monday nights so I can focus on the kids at home a bit and we aren't rushing all over.  I tried to take the job back from him but he really enjoys the time he gets to spend with the big kids while they drive.  Brinton's Cello lessons are 20 minutes across town, Ashlynne's youth choir is about 40 minutes away and he has to go back and forth between them--dropping off one, dropping off the other, running back to pick up one, and driving back the other way to pick up the other and then driving home....so they get a lot of time to just chat with each other. 

Mommy:  I made a fabulous crock pot chicken noodle soup today.  It made me feel so awesome to watch my kids silently gulp all their food down.  I thought to myself....either I starved them all day OR it was really that good.  Hopefully it was the latter.  Last week I home taught my kids, visit taught my friends, and took the kids by myself to Coco Keys (an indoor water park) Homeschool Day ($5 entry per person!).  I'm a champion.

Ashy:  Last week was parent teacher conference.  She made the Principal's Honor Roll again, which she has consistently done every term of middle school.  Ashlynne had 5 A's and 2 B's.  The B she got in Language Arts was an 89.5% so she was literally .5% away from an A.  Darn it!  I'm still proud of her grades, especially with all the things she is involved it.  Every one of her teachers spoke so highly of her.  It's always nice to hear great things about your kids.

Brit:  Brinton only takes Art and Orchestra at the middle school and he has an A in both.  His orchestra teacher says he is really doing well and making lots of great progress BUT he needs to practice more.  {The same thing his private teacher tells him}  His art teacher is continually impressed by his art skills.  She also has him in Sketch Club once a week and she says he is really good at using lots of different medias.  He continues to do well with K12. 

Lisey:  I conferenced with myself (you know since I'm her teacher )and decided that long division stinks and that teaching long division stinks and that my poor daughter is so frustrated with long division and BLAH!  She totally knows how to do it, however, she just needs to consistently get the answers right...one little misstep throws the whole problem off and it's very frustrating for her.  We are going to step away from it for a bit and focus on other parts of math.  Elise is getting AWESOME at making rainbow loom bracelets even though we don't own a rainbow loom.  She uses her fingers, forks, a crochet hook.  She made a ton of bracelets last week. She also like to make things out of duct tape.  She's is so crafty!

Nanna:  Julianna is doing well in school.  We haven't really hit any rough patches yet...crossing my fingers and bracing myself...  She is starting to make rainbow loom bracelets, too, rings and necklaces are her specialty.  Last week, we picked up a cute book called "Kiki: My Stylish Life"  at the book fair at the elementary school.  It's part of the Lotus Lane series.  She read the entire thing in a couple days.  Now she wants all of the books.  I love that I'm raising readers!!

Liam: I went to his very first parent teacher conference!  I still can't believe my boy is in Kindergarten.  One thing that made me laugh was that his teacher said that he is QUIET!  That boy is anything but quiet.  He is really good at math.  He loved having days off from school to just play with his friends.  It's so nice to live in a neighborhood with little boys that are also in his class. My door bell is constantly ringing for him.

AidanBug:  Last week we started chiropractic treatments for Aidan's allergies. So far we've identified and treated his Milk Allergy (which we already knew),  Eggs, Wheat and Other Grains.  He is so good for the Chiro, he wiggles a lot because he is Aidan and the ultimate wiggler, but he doesn't fight him at all and allows him to do all the adjustments he needs to do.  Getting closer and closer to being free of diapers every day....please pray for more consistency on both of our parts!

Cammy:  Camryn started walking and now she is running!  She is so fast now!  I've started calling her the terrorizer because she is into everything, terrorizing everything and everyone.   She is still night nursing...all night....allllllllll. night.  I got her crib ready so she could start sleeping in it.  I'm hilarious...she's not doing that any time soon. 

Photo Dump.  This weeks Insta Pics.